As many of you know, Jared & I were told by doctors that we would be possibly unable to have children. We did not accept this diagnosis. We reached out to you (our prayer warrior friends across the nation) and MIRACULOUSLY God answered very quickly! From being told that terrible news in August, we had a positive pregnancy test in October. We alerted you right away of this amazing news (during Week 4!) and we’ve been praying & rejoicing together ever since as Baby Evelyn Bella gets closer to her June 27th due date!

We believe that there is an incredible destiny on this baby. The enemy warred against her for over 2 years even before her conception. God showed us during this time that many individuals in the Bible that He would use in awesome ways came from women who were called barren (like Samuel and John the Baptist).

(While this post isn’t about our last season, I want to mention that we realize that we had a relatively short season compared to the many men & women who have been crying out for decades for their season to bear a child. We have adopted this as a central issue we are committed to praying for. If you are one of these, please feel free to share your heart with me so I can lift you up by name!)

We are honored to be Evelyn’s parents standing in the place of stewardship of her upbringing. We excitedly speak often of how we will teach her about God’s character through parenting, what her life will be like as she experiences growing up in the IHOP-TLH prayer room, and the joy she will bring us as she teaches us a new way to radically love (as only a parent can learn from their firstborn).

I realize that I am now 20 weeks pregnant but I haven’t even mentioned our little girl here on my blog yet. With the unmatchable joy of being pregnant immediately came the unmatchable debilitation of having severe morning sickness until 18 weeks—- from October to late January. Please forgive my neglect to keep you updated.

If you want to truly begin to follow our life story (and little Evelyn’s), you can click here to watch a bio video about our family, find more info, and subscribe to our monthly updates (which we send out without fail).

Jared & I are going from two to three; from a missionary couple to a missionary family. We just can’t contain our thrill to be entering a new chapter of life! So much has to be done before June 27! Please keep up your faithful & needed prayers for our family. We so appreciate them and feel indebted to you for standing with us throughout each stage of this journey. It’s about to get really fun!



If you’d like to make a special donation to Jared & Karina for their missionary family as they make adjustments to prepare for Baby Evelyn, please click here. Their needs include covering the out-of-pocket baby hospital bills (including an unplanned Christmas emergency room visit), moving and housing expenses, and monthly partners to cover the increase that having a child will bring as they walk out their calling as Intercessory Missionaries.

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