NEW BOOK RELEASE:  Prayer that Impacts the World


God has a rescue plan for humanity — and you are part of it.


In Prayer that Impacts the World, two seasoned leaders in the prayer movement reveal strategies for change proven effective over many years—and grounded solidly in God’s Word.

This practical study guide will lead you step-by-step into a deeper walk of prayer with Jesus, learning grace for fasting, cultivating true community, and living out our mission in light of eternity.

Written By Matt Lockett and Jared Olsen
20 Teachings – 176 pages

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"Many people are frustrated as they live in today's modern-day culture, feeling helpless to change it. This manual will provide prayer tools to help you make a major impact on society through contending prayer!

Prayer that Impacts the World is biblical, easy-to-understand, and sure to light a fire under your prayer life!"


-Cindy Jacobs, Co-founder of Generals International, Author of Possessing the Gates of the Enemy and The Power of Persistent Prayer


"If you are a follower of Jesus, you have a mandate to impact the world which cannot be accomplished apart from prayer. Jesus showed us what it was to live a life of prayer and change the world. Now Matt Lockett and Jared Olsen have written an incredible resource for all those who desire to strengthen their prayer life and fulfill the call on their lives.

The keys shared in Prayer that Impacts the World are powerful, birthed in a radical community of intercessors on the front lines. Few communities are as deeply committed to the ministry of prayer as JHOPDC. I am so grateful for the years they have sowed, as they have stood on the wall and interceded for our nation. Take the principles in this study guide and put them into practice you will find a deeper revelation of prayer that will impact the world around you."


-Banning Liebscher, Pastor of Jesus Culture, Sacramento, CA, Author of Rooted


"I’ve spent a lifetime raising up prayer that shifts cultures and shapes the destiny of nations. In this book, Matt Lockett and Jared Olsen have captured the kind of revolutionary teachings this generation needs to advance the kingdom.

Prayer that Impacts the World has the potential to reshape the way the church engages with the world around us. I have always believed that JHOP DC is the tip of a sharp spear in the Lord’s hand.

Get this book and find the prophetic edge that will give you insight into this season the nations are entering — and how to be a part of establishing God’s purposes in the earth."


-Lou Engle, Founder of TheCall, Author of Nazarite DNA and The Jesus Fast: The Call to Awaken the Nations


"Prayer should play a central role in the life of every believer. Unfortunately, it is often an arena not easily understood or clearly taught. Prayer that Impacts the World can be used by any believer to gain deeper understanding of prayer. Full of biblical insights, and laid out in a practical way, this is a powerful resource for churches and small groups to use as a teaching guide.

You don't have to settle for wandering in prayer and hoping you're hitting the mark. By applying the principles in this book, you can pray in agreement with the Word of God becoming both strategic and effective in this important endeavor."


-Dutch Sheets, Author of Intercessory Prayer and An Appeal to Heaven


"Through prayer, believers actually partner with the God of the universe to govern the world. Matt Lockett and Jared Olsen have labored for years, living out the lessons they impart in this truly rich resource. This is invaluable guide regardless of where you are on the journey."


-Joel Richardson, Author of When a Jew Rules the World and The Islamic Antichrist


"I'm always excited about fresh manna from the throne that further enables intercessors to impact our deeply troubled culture. With a clear and concise study-outline format, Prayer that Impacts the World does just that.

This timely guide presents deep truths and tried-and-true methods of learning and teaching intercession easily accessible on both a personal and corporate level. Prayer that Impacts the World is destined to transform hearts in personal devotion and birth deeply-rooted prayer movements that will impact our nation and world."


-Dick Eastman, International President of Every Home for Christ, Author of Intercessory Worship and The Purple Pig and Other Miracles