Living as a missionary is often full of unknowns. We are always in need of partners to help sustain us with monthly expenses, however, often the “rainy day surprise” of things like flat tires, unexpected ER visit, or a broken down washing machine tend to throw a wrench in everything.

When things are added to the Immediate Needs page, it’s our way of saying we need your help. If you would like to help us fulfill God’s mission, here are some pressing need right now. Have questions? Contact us here!

  •  Urgent Need: Partnership! 

    This is the season where we are transitioning from life as a missionary couple to a missionary family. We are committed to our missions calling now more than ever, but we need your help! We’ve had major changes in our lives this last year, and we are in a season of needing to expand our ministry partnership team. We are so close to our goal! If 20 people or more joined our prayer and financial ministry partners (at $35/month) we would cover all our needs in this time. If you have valued what God has done through us and our ministry in recent years, please consider giving a one time donation or partnering with us monthly.

  • Baby Needs!

    Our first baby, Evelyn, was born on June 25, 2014. and we are thrilled! She was born with some complications and she had to stay in the NICU for seven days. This has left us with some unexpected expenses. While we do have insurance, we have recently found out that it did not cover what we expected and we will have to pay for everything out of pocket, which is very expensive. Additionally, a growing family = growing housing and growing expenses.  If you’d like to find out more info or how you can help us cover these expenses in any way, click here.

  • Special needs! 

    We have had a number of people ask us if we have any special needs in addition to what we’ve already mentioned. We have been blessed enormously and know that God will provide, although we do have some special needs in this season. With that said, if God has laid it on your heart to help meet special needs from time to time, we would prefer that you contact us, rather than listing any of them here.

Thank you.  We are very grateful.

We have positioned ourselves for a lifetime of being missionaries, not just taking a missions trip. We believe our missions work with the prayer movement, for the ending of abortion and sending of revival, the raising and equipping of God-fearing Jesus-centered families and young adults is needed in America and in the nations of the earth. Our commitment goes beyond a season of fasting, a conference, or bumper sticker.  We have given ourselves to this as a lifestyle that Jesus may be glorified.

Thanks for considering how you can support us as we represent you as missionaries with the International House of Prayer Tallahassee.

Jared and Karina